We help you determine your system’s vulnerabilities both inside and outside your perimeter

Security Audit of Redsauce

Redsauce's cybersecurity audit

Are there vulnerabilities in your system? Check your cybersecurity

At Redsauce we help you register, group and analyze evidence to determine whether your system presents any vulnerabilities a potential attacker may abuse to take disallowed actions or access confidential information.

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Secure Software User Thanks to Redsauce Security Audit

For your IT security
And your users’

Have you put protocols in place to keep up your application’s security?

We define the best security strategy to suit your needs alongside you. Which tests to execute periodically, how to train staff to avoid vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of unwanted access.

We are your cybersecurity partner.

We register, group and analyze evidence to assess the effectiveness of your security system and resolve whether a potential attacker might abuse any vulnerabilities to take disallowed actions or access confidential information.

We perform two main kinds of audits:

Code Validation

With specialized tooling, we can analyze source code to find bad practices, duplicated or dead code, etc. All within a continuous integration server to obtain a global picture of the application’s status.

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Cybersecurity Analysis

Authentication, authorization, code injection, cryptography… These are some of the concepts that are gaining even more importance due to the exponential increase of online attacks.

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Phases of a cybersecurity audit

We offer you a global picture of the product’s status by segmenting the audit.


Code Analysis

Static code reviews allow us to detect defects such as sensitive information within potentially accessible log files.


Business Logic

We send malformed requests, check proper parameter validation, data integrity, etc.


Server Security

We test behavior against SQL injections, malicious file uploads, resistance to denial-of-service attacks…


Client Security

We check URL redirections, the use of cookies or malicious HTML injections that might affect system integrity, etc.


Other Vulnerabilities

Multiple session per account, server error pages, password resilience or unrevoked credentials are examples of other areas which, if badly implemented, can cause security issues for the client.

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Redsauce, experts in cybersecurity

A 100% tailor-made collaboration. Our teams use the testing strategy that best suits your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages or tools for each project, without imposing any.

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Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the software development cycle.
  • Definition of the Quality Strategy.
  • Support in the creation of functional documentation, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Test plan design.
  • Definition and management of the testing environments.
  • Creation and maintenance of tasks and pipelines in the continuous integration server.
  • Design and development of automatic tests on multiple devices.
  • Automation and reporting of results..
  • Management of defects and incidents.

"Only what is measured can be improved"

In Redsauce it is of paramount importance to have clear and useful reports of execution results. That is why we configure the tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objective Indicators = Measurable Results = Real Results

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