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Reduce time spent on desktop and mobile validation tests

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Does your team run functional tests in the final stages of development?

Correcting errors at this stage may cost up to 50 times as much as during the programming stage… And up to 500 times as much if detected in production!

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Do a Shift Left,
avoid mistakes before.

Code must be checked to ensure it behaves as desired and eliminate errors. Time after time, commit after commit.

Manual defect detection and correction take time and effort, leading to a high chance for mistakes or omissions by the validator.

Would you like to speed up this process, reduce your Time-to-Market and increase efficiency?

Automated functional tests

Using them, we can verify your development meets the Acceptance Criteria.
Automatic tests speed up functional testing while also eliminating human error..

Automatic tests must be a part of the continuous integration cycle from its inception.
We will help you create and configure your continuous integration server to host your automatic tests in the most appropriate pipeline, giving you access to continuous feedback on the status of development.

An automatic test suite will grant you:

Feedback on the application’s status

An increase in test coverage

Time for specific validations

Speed in the deployment process

Eliminating human error in validations

Types of functional tests that we can automate in Redsauce.

Ensure that changes introduced to the software don’t negatively affect the application’s expected behavior on the global level. They are one of the first candidates for automation.

The engineer simulates application use from a user’s standpoint. During the test execution, the engineer learns about how the application works and designs a test (guide?).

The quality of the tests greatly depends upon their experience and creativity.

These tests ensure the application behaves correctly in all the platforms it’s been designed to be compatible with.

We will help you define the most efficient configuration for your software, ensuring its correct behavior in the established combinations of operating system, browsers, devices, etc.

They validate two or more independently tested components conform to an expected behavior once integrated in the application.

Does the final application meet the Acceptance Criteria defined in the design phase? Has an unexpected or undefined behavior surfaced?

We collaborate with the product and development teams to define Acceptance Criteria. These criteria, once the programming phase is done, will be useful to establish whether the application meets the necessary requirements.

Software Testing Automation

The testing framework you need

No more no less.
We are faithful followers of Agile and Lean philosophy.

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Redsauce, experts in functional test automation

A 100% tailor-made collaboration. Our teams use the testing strategy that best suits your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages or tools for each project, without imposing any.

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Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the software development cycle.
  • Definition of the Quality Strategy.
  • Support in the creation of functional documentation, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Test plan design.
  • Definition and management of the testing environments.
  • Creation and maintenance of tasks and pipelines in the continuous integration server.
  • Design and development of automatic tests on multiple devices.
  • Automation and reporting of results..
  • Management of defects and incidents.

"Only what is measured can be improved"

In Redsauce it is of paramount importance to have clear and useful reports of execution results. That is why we configure the tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objective Indicators = Measurable Results = Real Results

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“Redsauce has been our preferred partner in Quality Assurance for the past 7 years, during which we have embarked on the long journey towards continuous integration and functional automated testing while our application was growing.”

Jordi Ascolies

QA Manager

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