Evaluate the operability of the service, subjecting it to different loads.

Detect inefficiencies and improvement areas.

Performance testing in Redsauce

Anticipate performance issues

How is the performance of your application under different usage loads?

Are there memory leaks?
Can the system recover from them?

Performance testing detects problems in the environment, system bottlenecks, etc., before going to production..

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Redsauce SQA team validating software performance through performance testing

Detect performance
issues in time

A performance problem can make your service completely useless.

In addition, the economic impact can be very serious. Lack of availability or negative user perception can have irreversible consequences.

Would you like to speed up this process, reduce your Time-to-Market and increase efficiency?

We do performance tests

Performance tests are a preview of the final behavior of the system in production. Identifying problems in a controlled environment allows for safer, surprise-free go-live.

Stay ahead of the unexpected by running tests that simulate real-world conditions. At Redsauce we monitor the server behavior during the test. This way we obtain data that allows us to know:

  • Response times
  • Number of requests from which the response degrades
  • Conditions in which the system comes to deny the service
  • Etc

Performance tests require a thorough preparation of the strategy, the execution environments, the preconditions, the virtual users, monitoring... and a good interpretation of the result.

How do we perform performance tests at Redsauce?


Performance specifications

We document the requirements that the system must meet to achieve optimalperformance, defining the scope of the tests, target systems, number of concurrent users, response times, etc.


Test environments

We identify the elements of the system and define the characteristics that the test environment must have, making sure that it has a detailed resource monitoring.


Programming and execution

We design, program and execute performance test scripts. We monitor the system at all times and collect the results, using the most appropriate tools for each environment.


Reports and Integration

Finally, we generate and analyze the reports with the test results in order to have data to take improvement actions. These tests and the associated reports are coupled to your continuous integration cycle in order to have, in the right pipeline, the feedback that allows us to be confident in the performance of the release.


We help you define the most appropriate performance testing strategy.

We load the system with the number of users expected during a normal use of the system.

We evaluate if other systems are capable to process the loads generated by our service or application.

By varying the load quickly, we determine, among other things, the system's adaptability, resource management, etc.

We increase the load gradually until collapse, to identify which system fails first and focus our attention on it.

Tailor-Made performance tests

The performance framework you need

The tool that works best for one project does not necessarily have to be the most suitable for another. No two projects are the same.

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Veronica from Redsauce

Redsauce, experts in performance testing

A 100% tailor-made collaboration. Our teams use the testing strategy that best suits your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages or tools for each project, without imposing any.

Redsauce employees doing performance tests on a laptop

Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the software development cycle.
  • Definition of the Quality Strategy.
  • Support in the creation of functional documentation, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Test plan design.
  • Definition and management of the testing environments.
  • Creation and maintenance of tasks and pipelines in the continuous integration server.
  • Design and development of automatic tests on multiple devices.
  • Automation and reporting of results..
  • Management of defects and incidents.

"Only what is measured can be improved"

In Redsauce it is of paramount importance to have clear and useful reports of execution results. That is why we configure the tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objective Indicators = Measurable Results = Real Results

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“We've been working with Redsauce for several years and they have always offered us very competent tools which have allowed us to increase the quality of our products and processes as we improved automation tests in several different languages.”

Toni Robres

I+D - Quality Lead

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