Quality-focused Software Development

At Redsauce, we combine advanced technology and expertise to provide tailored software solutions.

Hands developing software at Redsauce for a desktop app

No matter the challenge, at Redsauce
We develop your software

Desktop App Development

We create native, efficient, and secure desktop applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Mobile App Development

We use advanced frameworks to develop native and web apps on iOS and Android


Software Integrations

We integrate software with ERP, payment systems, Google Calendar, and more, ensuring a seamless connection.



Independent components for robust solutions. Get flexibility, scalability, and easier maintenance.

Hands developing software at Redsauce for a desktop app

Why Develop Your Own Software?

  • Customization and Control
    Your software, your rules. Scalable and adaptable to your needs.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Pay only for what you need, no additional costs.
  • Quick Response and Specialized Support
    Agile support and problem resolution in record time.
  • Open Source
    Flexibility for future modifications and developments.

Why Choose Redsauce?

  • Experience and Proximity
    We work closely with you, quickly adapting to changes.
  • Agile Methodologies
    Agile and efficient changes during development.
  • Stable and Specialized Team
    Low staff turnover for continuous and expert support.
  • Remote Work with Local Talent
    We combine the best of remote work with the quality of local talent.
  • Security and Quality
    Committed to best practices in cybersecurity and quality.
  • Monitoring and Support
    Continuous monitoring of services for a quick and efficient response.
Redsauce employees looking at software development on a laptop
Software development for desktop applications

Desktop Application Development

Optimization and Power on your Desktop

At Redsauce, we transform your needs into powerful and efficient desktop applications. Our focus is on:

  • Multiplatform Compatibility: We develop for Windows, Mac, and Linux with a focus on interoperability.
  • Superior Performance: We leverage desktop hardware capabilities to provide fast and efficient applications, ideal for graphic processing and handling large volumes of data.
  • Enhanced Security: As native applications, they offer an additional layer of security, protecting your critical data.
  • Total Customization: We tailor each application to your specific requirements, ensuring a solution perfectly aligned with your business processes.
Software development for mobile applications

Mobile Application Development

Agility and Reach in the Palm of your Hand

We expand your digital presence through innovative mobile applications, focused on:

  • Native and Hybrid Development: We create native applications for Android and iOS, as well as hybrid solutions using technologies like React Native, ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management): We offer solutions for remote device management, allowing you to monitor and update business applications efficiently.
  • Customized User Experience: We design intuitive and attractive interfaces focused on enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.
Software integration development


Connectivity and Efficiency in your Systems

Redsauce specializes in creating bridges between different applications and platforms, offering among others:

  • Integration with Payment and ERP Systems: We connect your software with payment gateways and ERP systems, ensuring a smooth transition of data and financial processes.
  • Synchronization between Devices: We facilitate communication between mobile devices and central systems, crucial for sectors like hospitality and retail.
  • Process Automation: We implement automated appointment systems and other services, integrating them with tools like Google Calendar to maximize efficiency.
Software development using microservices


Flexibility and Scalability in Development

At Redsauce, we adopt a microservices architecture to build robust and scalable applications. This involves:

  • Component Independence: Each microservice operates independently, making updates and maintenance easier without affecting the entire system.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture: It allows us to develop applications composed of multiple autonomous services, improving scalability and efficiency.
  • Integration and Deployment Ease: Microservices enable faster integration and more efficient deployment, easily adapting to business changes and needs.

They have already trusted Redsauce:

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What do they say about Redsauce QA?

Our clients' satisfaction is our greatest achievement. See what they say about us:

“Redsauce has been our preferred Quality Assurance partner for over 7 years. We have walked the long road to Continuous Integration and Functional Test automation together, while our application grew.”

Jordi Ascolies, Redsauce client from Infojobs

Jordi Ascolies


“We have been working with Redsauce for several years and they have always provided highly competent resources that have allowed us to increase the quality of our products and processes, improving the automation of tests in different languages.”

Toni Robres, Redsauce client from Telefónica

Toni Robres

Telefónica I+D

“Redsauce was a key piece that helped us in the transition to using new tools. Their expertise in the software project lifecycle helped us improve our processes and the quality of our projects.”

Isaac Bibas from Scytel, Redsauce client.

Isaac Bibas


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