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Quality control for software, simplified.

QA Dashboard home by Redsauce on a Mac QA Dashboard test logs card QA Dashboard success rate module QA Dashboard test results section

With QA Dashboard, the information you need at a glance.

Benefits of QA Dashboard

Integrate multiple data sources

Total customization of your dashboard

Detect critical issues, beforehand

Align business and development

QA Dashboard navigation bar
QA Dashboard projects screen by Redsauce

Easier Testing Visualization

With the QA Dashboard, you can view the results of your latest software functional tests or any of your pipelines.

View Real-Time Data

With the QA Dashboard, you can view the results of your latest software functional tests or any of your pipelines.

Make Better Decisions

You will have a history of executions, allowing you to see the evolution of your tests and development lines. No more blind decision-making.

Failed test card on QA Dashboard home with execution history
Execution module on QA Dashboard with test results Successfully executed test card on QA Dashboard home with execution history

Identify Issues Earlier

Thanks to QA Dashboard technology, you can see exactly where the code is failing. No need to search; you'll have the details at your fingertips.

Scalable and User-Friendly

Simply by adding the code to your pipeline, you can start seeing the results of executions on the QA Dashboard. Add projects, organize them, and start seeing results with just a few clicks.

Included with Redsauce

QA Dashboard is an in-house development of Redsauce, offering you a better service. We'll set it up, and you can start using it from day one, at no additional cost.

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Years of Experience

"Redsauce has been our preferred Quality Assurance partner for over 7 years during which we have traveled together the long road to Continuous Integration and Functional Test automation as our application grew."

Jordi Ascolies, Redsauce client at Infojobs

Jordi Ascolies


"We have been working with Redsauce for several years, and they have always provided us with very competent resources that have allowed us to increase the quality of our products and processes, improving test automation in different languages."

Toni Robres, Redsauce client at Telef├│nica

Toni Robres

Telef├│nica I+D

"Redsauce was a key factor that helped us transition to the use of new tools. Their expertise in the software project lifecycle helped us improve our processes and the quality of our projects."

Isaac Bibas Scytel, Redsauce client

Isaac Bibas


We are software quality

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