Evaluate the performance of the service by subjecting it to different loads.

Detect inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

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Performance Testing at Redsauce

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What are Performance Tests?

Performance tests are a preview of the final behavior that a system will exhibit in production. Identifying issues in a controlled environment allows for a safer and surprise-free production deployment; measuring speed, stability, and scalability.

The goal of these tests is to detect problems in the environment and system bottlenecks; before going into production.

Anticipate Performance Problems

If you don't know how your application will respond to different usage loads, you have a problem.

Will there be memory leaks?

Will the system be able to recover from them?

I want to find out
Redsauce SQA team validating the performance of software through performance tests

Detect Problems in Time.

A performance issue can turn your service into something completely useless and lead to:

  • Lack of availability.
  • Negative user perception.
  • Severe economic impact.
  • Irreversible consequences?

Redsauce does it for you

Anticipate unforeseen events with tests that simulate real-world conditions. You will obtain data that will allow you to understand:

  • Response times
  • Number of requests beyond which the response degrades
  • Conditions under which the system denies service
  • And more

Performance tests require meticulous preparation of the strategy, execution environments, preconditions, virtual users, monitoring, and a good interpretation of the results.

Redsauce SQA team validating the performance of software through performance tests

How do we perform performance tests at Redsauce?

Performance Specifications

We document the requirements that the system must meet to achieve optimal performance, defining the scope of the tests, target systems, number of concurrent users, response times, etc.

Performance Testing Environments

We identify the elements of the system and define the characteristics that the testing environment must have, ensuring it has detailed resource monitoring.

Programming and Execution of Tests

We design, program, and execute performance tests scripts. We monitor the system at all times and collect the results using the most suitable tools for each environment.

Quality Metrics, Reports, and Integration

Finally, we generate and analyze reports with the test results to have data for improvement actions. These tests and associated reports are integrated into your continuous integration cycle to ensure that you have the feedback necessary to trust the performance of the release.

Types of Tests

The performance testing strategy that best suits your project.

We load the system with the expected number of users during normal system usage.


We evaluate whether other systems are able to process the loads generated by our service or application.

By rapidly varying the load, we determine, among other things, the system's adaptability, resource management, etc.

We gradually increase the load until failure occurs, identifying which part of the system fails first and focusing our attention on it.

At Redsauce, you choose

The framework you need for your performance tests

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Pablo Gomez, co-founder of Redsauce

Redsauce, experts in test automation.

We adapt the testing strategy to your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages, or tools for each project.

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Employees of Redsauce looking at functional test automation on a laptop

Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the SDLC
  • Quality Strategy.
  • Functional Documentation.
  • Design of the test plan.
  • Definition and management of test environments.
  • CI/CD Management
  • Development of automated tests
  • Automated results reports.
  • Management of defects and issues.

Only what is measured,
can be improved

At Redsauce, having clear and useful execution result reports is of paramount importance. That's why we configure tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objectives indicators = Measurable results


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"We have been working with Redsauce for several years, and they have consistently provided us with highly competent resources that have helped enhance the quality of our products and processes, improving test automation in different languages."

Toni Robres

R&D - Quality Lead

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Let's improve your performance tests, together.

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