API testing

Automatically validate that an API delivers the expected functionality by integrating validation into development pipelines.

API test automation in Redsauce

Problems validating functionality during API tests?

Bugs are common when programming applications to communicate with other applications. For example:

  • Faced with correct requests, the response is not as expected..
  • The service is unable to respond to malformed requests..
  • Boundary cases are not handled properly.
  • API documentation is poor or non-existent.
  • The system has security problems.
Developer team detects errors during API tests in a software
Mujer soluciona errores haciendo pruebas de API automáticas frente a pantallas y servidores

Avoid setbacks
with API testing

The goal of APIs is to simplify application programming. But many problems can occur during development.

In addition, validation testing at each release takes too much time, which prevents testing specific functionalities and creates knowledge silos.

Would you like to speed up this process, reduce your Time-to-Market and increase efficiency?

We automate your API testing

A battery of automatic tests on the API allows you to validate the defined Acceptance Criteria and to get feedback on the status of the application very quickly. In addition, they can be launched according to different triggers.

A commit

A merge request


Based on another task

And many others...

By covering a large part of the tests (mainly regressions) automatically, the team has time to validate the acceptance criteria in depth and perform exploratory tests, security, etc.


Testing framework

We select the most suitable automation framework.


API testing

We define the tests and program them.


CI/CD integration

We integrate the tests into the CI/CD server, from the very beginning.


Quality metrics

We choose the most valuable ones in order to measure improvements and iterate.

The API testing strategy best suited to your development cycle

At Redsauce we study your real problem to offer you the most appropriate solution.

In our work philosophy, automatic testing is part of the continuous integration cycle from the moment of its creation.

We help you to configure the continuous integration server, creating or configuring the most appropriate pipeline, thus having continuous feedback of the development status.

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API test automation will help you

Reduce costs and Time To Market. Improve the end user experience.

An automated API test suite will give you:

Feedback on the status of the application

Increase in test coverage

Time for specific validations

Speed in the deployment process

Eliminate human error in validations

Tailor-Made API Testing

The API testing framework that you need

We are loyal followers of Agile and Lean philosophy.

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Team member of Redsauce

Redsauce, your expert API tester

A 100% tailor-made collaboration. Our teams use the testing strategy that best suits your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages or tools for each project, without imposing any.

Redsauce employees doing software quality tests on a laptop

Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the software development cycle.
  • Definition of the Quality Strategy.
  • Support in the creation of functional documentation, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Test plan design.
  • Definition and management of the testing environments.
  • Creation and maintenance of tasks and pipelines in the continuous integration server.
  • Design and development of automatic tests on multiple devices.
  • Automation and reporting of results..
  • Management of defects and incidents.

"Only what is measured can be improved"

In Redsauce it is of paramount importance to have clear and useful reports of execution results. That is why we configure the tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objective Indicators = Measurable Results = Real Results

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