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Ensure that an API functions as expected by integrating testing during development.

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API Testing Automation at Redsauce

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What are API tests?

API tests are a process to verify that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) meet the expectations for functionality, performance, security, and reliability.

The purpose of APIs is to simplify application programming. API testing aims to prevent issues during their development.

You should perform API testing if you encounter issues like:

  • For valid requests, the response is not as expected.
  • The service cannot handle malformed requests.
  • Edge cases are not handled properly.
  • The API documentation is either scarce or nonexistent.
  • The system has security issues.
They're for me
Development team detects errors during API testing on software

Avoid setbacks.
Reduce Time-to-Market.

We know that performing validation tests with each release takes time. This can prevent us from testing specific functionalities, leading to knowledge silos.

An automated battery of API tests allows you to validate the defined Acceptance Criteria. Additionally, you'll receive feedback on the application's status quickly.

You will achieve:

Feedback on the application's status

Increase in test coverage

Time for specific validations

Speed in the deployment process

Eliminate human error in validations


Testing Framework

We choose the most suitable automation framework.


API Testing

We define and program the tests.


Continuous Integration

We integrate the tests into the CI/CD server from day one.


Quality Metrics

We choose the most valuable indicators to measure improvements and iterate.

We design your API testing strategy based on your SDLC

At Redsauce, we study your real challenges to provide you with the most suitable solution.

I want to learn more

Introducing QA DASHBOARD

Your test results at a glance.

View real-time data

With the QA dashboard, you can view the results of the latest executions of your functional software tests or any of your pipelines.

Make better decisions

You will have a history of executions that will allow you to see the evolution of your tests and your development lines. No more blind decisions.

Fix problems earlier

Thanks to the QA dashboard technology, you can see exactly where the code is failing. You won't have to search; you'll have the details at your fingertips.

Scalable and easy to use

Simply by adding the code to your pipeline, you can start seeing the results of executions on the QA Dashboard. Add projects, organize them, and start seeing results in just a few clicks.

Included with Redsauce

QA Dashboard is an in-house development by Redsauce to offer you a better service. We will set it up, and you can start using it from day one at no additional cost.

At Redsauce, you choose

The framework you need
for your API tests

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Pablo Gomez, co-founder of Redsauce

Redsauce, experts in test automation.

We adapt the testing strategy to your team's development process.

We select the most suitable methodologies, frameworks, languages, or tools for each project.

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Employees of Redsauce looking at functional test automation on a laptop

Our management includes:

  • Analysis of the SDLC
  • Quality Strategy.
  • Functional Documentation.
  • Design of the test plan.
  • Definition and management of test environments.
  • CI/CD Management
  • Development of automated tests
  • Automated results reports.
  • Management of defects and issues.

Only what is measured,
can be improved

At Redsauce, having clear and useful execution result reports is of paramount importance. That's why we configure tests and the continuous integration server to generate them and provide you with real value.

Objectives indicators = Measurable results



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