QA keys to take your development to the next level

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Would you like to obtain better results in your projects by optimising resources and improving your users' experience?

In this ebook you will find 30 practical tips and strategies that will help you deal with the most common quality problems in software development.

Chat GPT Free

We know how boring it is to read content created by AIs. This ebook is 100% original created by humans.

100% free

We are staunch supporters of the Open-Source philosophy, so you won't find payment gateways or hidden costs.

18 years

Get the best tips to improve the quality of your development, the result of 18 years of experience. A lifetime working in QA.

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Do you know the quality of your software development cycle?

Quality is a global concept, it affects all components of the team. With our free ebook you will be able to manage it effectively.

You will find:

  • 12 chapters.
  • 6 areas.
  • 42 pages loaded with the best QA content
  • We cover everything from the definition of requirements to monitoring in production.

We have designed this
QA ebook for you.

At Redsauce we have been helping our clients to improve quality in any part of their development cycle for 18 years. From static code analysis to functional test automation.

  • Requirements
  • Programming
  • Functional testing and environments
  • Testing end2end
  • Non-functional testing
  • Production
Ebook 30 QA PRO Tips

Discover the keys to take your development to the next levell

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