Commitment to sustainability

It is part of our DNA to be a conscious and sustainable company, setting an example in values and principles to create a kinder world.

Windmills from which Redsauce's power comes

Energy from renewable sources

All energy consumed in the offices comes from 100% renewable sources.

Redsauce wall with LED lights

LED lights

All lights in the office are energy-saving LEDs. It takes a small initial effort but the return on investment is surprisingly fast.

Recycling bins in Redsauce

Rubbish traceability

We trace all waste generated in the office. And all of it is sent to a selective collection point.

Mac next to a paperless plant in Redsauce

Zero-paper philosophy

We reduce environmental impact, costs and time spent searching for information, while increasing flexibility in work.

Air-conditioning at 19°C in winter in Redsauce

Conscious climate control

We maintain a maximum temperature of 19 degrees in winter and 27 degrees in summer in our offices. We work in jackets in winter and shorts in summer.

Setup by one of Redsauce's remote employees

100% Remote

We facilitate remote working, with the possibility of coming to the office whenever you want.

In this way, we contribute to reducing the carbon footprint related to transport while facilitating the team's work-life balance.