SAS +2M users +70M revenue

A cross-team "Quality Office" was implemented.

1. Situation

A Spanish software-as-a-service company specializing in the creation of dynamic forms and online surveys tailored to user needs. Currently, it has more than 200 employees worldwide.

With 2 million users and over 70 million euros in revenue in 2022, it stands as a leader in the online survey and forms sector.

2. Problem

The development teams transitioned from having defined roles to sharing the QA role among all team members.

After several months, this approach didn't work as expected, resulting in a decrease in product quality delivered.

Additionally, one area of the product required a lot of time-consuming manual validations due to the absence of automated tests.

3. Solution

A "Quality Office" was established that cut across all teams.

From this office, several actions were led, such as the reorganization and update of automated tests, individualized agile testing training for each team, definition of acceptance criteria and their validator, etc.

A new battery of tests was also developed with the aim of minimizing false positives.

4. Result

Time to market was reduced, and end-user satisfaction improved due to a reduction in failures resulting from poor definition of evolutionary developments.

The time required for manual testing also decreased thanks to the regained trust in automated tests.

Save time and money with a QA team at your service.

QA Office

Increased Satisfaction