Insurance Company + 55,000 employees

1. Situation

A global insurance company established in the late 1800s. With a workforce of over 55,000 employees and a presence spanning more than 200 countries and territories. In the year 2022, the company achieved an impressive revenue of over 81 billion euros.

Our collaboration focuses on optimizing the application used by insurance agents. This tool is essential for the company's day-to-day operations and is intensively used by all agents.

Our goal was to ensure its high availability and to ensure efficient and rapid operation, key elements for the company's success in its interaction with customers.

2. Problem

The process of creating an insurance policy involves various transactions that must be completed within a specified maximum time.

As this is an application simultaneously used by hundreds of users, performance becomes critical.

Most of the application's testing was performed manually, which resulted in a significant amount of time spent on validations due to long and tedious workflows.

In addition to this, with each release, there was a degradation in loading times.

3. Solution

A performance testing solution is proposed to execute transactions with several hundred virtual users simultaneously. The infrastructure involves both frontend web and desktop application performance testing using Citrix.

In synchronization with the performance tests, the system's team conducts server monitoring to assess the impact of intensive usage and identify infrastructure limits.

Finally, an automatic report is generated with statistical time data, comparisons with baselines from previous executions, and conclusions based on the obtained evidence.

4. Result

Based on the evidence obtained from the performance tests, several issues were identified that were affecting response times.

One of the solutions involved a change in queue management architecture, which allowed for a significant reduction in transaction load times.

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Problem Detection

Reduced Loading Times