In 2 months, we reduced the test execution time for Flyr by 80%

1. Status

Flyr is a Norwegian airline. It has 5 development teams of about 6 people each.

They carry out releases on a scheduled basis between every 2 weeks and 1 month.

2. Problem

An automated test suite was running in Java, execu- ted by means of a complex, legacy tool, installed by an external company together with other modules that came with the package and were never used.

Automated testing was not integrated into the development pipeline.

Uploads to production to fix defects were constant. The time needed to properly validate the uploads was excessive due to the regression required.

There were functional areas not covered by automated testing such as API services or the mobile app. This meant additional manual testing time for each release.

3. Solution

It was proposed, after a risk analysis, to prioritise the tests to be automated, starting with the web app and previously carrying out a migration of the old tests to a new, modern, open-source framework.

At the same time, it is also being launched:

  • The automation of service tests,, which are partly integrated with User Interface tests.
  • The automation of mobile app testing.

All tests are launched after detecting a change in the repository and on a scheduled basis at a certain time each morning. It is also possible to launch them manually at any time.

4. Result

After two months of programming, the new framework replaces the old one, reducing execution time by 80% and extending coverage with critical tests.

In the third month we covered 100% of the critical mobile tests and in the fourth month we added 100% of the service tests.

All tests are included in the development pipeline, generating a report of results after each run.

The frequency of value delivery is increased by reducing the time needed to perform regression testing. At the same time, the number of defects reported by end-users of the application has been reduced.

Save time and money with a QA team at your service.

Time saved

After 2 months with a new framework.

Coverage in 4 months

Adding mobile tests and service tests.